This is how popular actor Orlando Fundichely celebrated his birthday

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Cuban actor Orlando Fundichely has just turned 52 and wanted to show an image of the celebration on social media.

“Guess whose birthday it is” Fundichely wrote on his Instagram account


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Adivinen quien es el del cumpleaños? #happybirthdaytome

Una publicación compartida por Orlando Fundichely (@ofundichely) el

 In another publication, the artist wanted to pose with his daughter Luciana, who was coincidentally born a day before his father, on September 25.

With a funny Q&A game, Fundichely revealed that her little girl “has a smile that seems to celebrate her onomastic 365 days a year, and that to me is the best gift she could receive.”


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Adivinen quien está de cumpleaños hoy? 1-Luciana 2-Orlando Si tu respuesta fue la número 2 siento decirte que te equivocaste solo por un día pues el mío es mañana. Si tu respuesta fue la número 1 entonces es casi correcta. Y digo casi pues está bebita de papá que nació un 25 de septiembre tiene una sonrisa que pareciera que celebra su onomástico los 365 días del año y eso para mí es el mejor regalo que pudiera recibir. Felicidades hijita!! Sabes que papito está muy orgulloso de ti y que sin importar las circunstancias que nos pone la vida en el camino estoy seguro que mi corazón va contigo a dónde quiera que sea y viceversa. Gracias siempre por ese abrazo que recibí desde el primer día en que te ví y que me enseñó a ser una mejor persona. Ese abrazo que no se diluye nunca sín importar dónde nos.encontremos. Puedes estar segura que el futuro nos tiene preparadas muy lindas sorpresas. Te amo incondicionalmente Papito. #labebitadepapa @lulufundichely

Una publicación compartida por Orlando Fundichely (@ofundichely) el

 “Congratulations little girl!! You know Daddy is very proud of you and that no matter what circumstances life puts us on the road, I’m sure my heart goes with you wherever it is and vice versa”

He said.

“Thank you always for that hug I received from the first day I saw you and that taught me to be a better person. That hug that never dilutes, no matter where we are,” he added.

“You can be sure that the future has very nice surprises prepared for us. I love you unconditionally. Daddy,” he concluded.

Fundichely often displays on social media the pride he feels for his daughters Doris and Luciana, fruits of his marriage to Peruvian actress and presenter Karina Rivera, from whom he announced his divorce in early 2020.

On Instagram, the performer of the character Suchel has told how difficult it is for him to be away from his little ones.

“Life sent me some signs. Something was telling me it would one day be the father of a beautiful creature. What I never knew was that that happiness will be multiplied by two. Then life happened and although I always found alternatives to all the problems, I didn’t imagine that history would take this course and the immense embrace next to the morning butterfly kisses a good day would no longer have them with my eyes open, now it would only be enough for me to close them,” he wrote last June, on the occasion of Father’s Day.

Fundichely and her daughters’ mother stayed married for 15 years. For this reason his life is divided between Miami, where he is currently residing, and Peru, the homeland of his daughters.

Despite the distance, he always finds time to meet them again.

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