Adrián Vadim, the son of María Celeste Arrarás, debuts as a singer

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Florida Times
Florida Times
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Adrián Vadim counts the minutes for Friday, September 25, the day space, the first single from a series of tracks that mark its entrance through the big door to the very complicated universe of the record industry, will premiere.

With this work, which will be available on all digital platforms in a few hours, the 21-year-old, adopted son of the well-known journalist and TV presenter María Celeste Arrarás, will realize a dream cherished from the time when he sang at full throttle under the shower.

“Space is about my relationship with my ex-girlfriend, with which after having had some problems he asked me to give him a space, something that broke my heart”

Vadim told from his Miami home.

The singer is backed by producer Joel Someillán, winner of two Latin Grammy Awards, who has collaborated with figures from the category of Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Chayanne and Ricky Martin, among other stars.

“Joel is a brilliant man, a genius who has helped me write the songs, and make the audio mixes. Without him none of this could have been possible,” Vadim said.

The production also includes Sunrise, Blue Eyes, which recounts the fleeting encounter between two young men who cross their eyes in a bar, and Who am I?, where he shares his personal story as an adopted son and his world view.

Adrián Vadim was adopted in Moscow, Russia, by Maria Celeste Arrarás and her then-husband, lawyer Manuel Arvesu, who was just 18 months old.

The couple already had a biological son, named Julian, and waited for the birth of a girl they would name Lara.

“For me blood doesn’t matter, because the most powerful thing in the world is love,” Vadim said. “My foster mother has no blood relationship with me, yet I love her the same. I know mothers who are horrible to their (biological) children, even though they bind her to blood ties.”

On the origin of his passion for music, the young man referred to his love for The Beatles, Shakira and Justin Bieber, which he applauded in a live performance a few years ago.

“We had to see how he communicated with the public. At the time I realized he wanted to be a singer,” Vadim revealed, recalling that time his mother thought he had a recording under the shower without imagining that he himself was the one singing.

“My mother supported me from the beginning. Not only did he pay for my singing lessons, but he introduced me to a lot of music producers,” he said. “Having her as a manager is the best thing that could have happened to me because she’s never going to fool me. She wants what’s best for me. I can count on it for anything. In the short time I’ve been in this environment I’ve realized that this is a very strong race.”

For her part, María Celeste added that this “unexpected and wonderful” experience has released her into the world of music, something unknown to her. However, it is worth facing the challenge in order to see my son performed “because talent and desire are left over”.

Adrian dreams of performing at concerts when the pandemic passes. In the meantime, he continues to study international business at FIU (Florida International University).

“I am aware that this profession is a risk, but it must be taken into account that all things in life are also a risk. When you sit in a chair, you don’t think you can fall. But you never know. Let’s see how I do,” Adrián Vadim concluded.

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