COVID-19 times: here’s the big task for El Doral’s labs

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Strengthening the immune system in times of COVID-19 is a task that many have begun to perform through nutritional supplements, along with a good diet, and now by injecting vitamins, if your doctor does not contraindicate you, such as vitamin B12, Complex B and popular C.

“All of these vitamins are currently being recommended by doctors as they help strengthen the immune system, combat depression, anxiety, hair loss, improve mood and eliminate fatigue. Vitamin C, for example, also combats acne injuries, and there are many of its benefits,” said Rosmary Villanueva, phlebotomist and manager of Any Lab Test Now, who highlights the various promotions the lab has created in the wake of the pandemic and so that people who do not have health insurance can favor you from this initiative.

In fact, this Saturday, September 5th, you will have a free day of vitamin injection.

“It is very common to consume vitamins in capsules, but absorption of them, through the intramuscular route is much more effective. Hence it is the success of these days that we are doing,” added the expert on the procedure that adds more and more adherents, as well as its modern antibody test, which they claim is an alternative to the COVID-19 nasal test.

“The blood antibody test is very fast, as the result is delivered for 10 to 15 minutes. In this process an early detection is performed, that is, we know through this procedure if the infection is active at the time and if the patient is at risk of infecting another person. It also yields another antibody, which shows if there is immunity against the virus. And that’s one of the results that attracts the public the most,” said Villanueva, who points out that the process is carried out through a small finger tap, so it’s not painful.

Seeking to strengthen

Under the new administration of Jesús Gómez Linares since March 2014, the Any Lab Test Now laboratory has achieved notoriety specializing in vitamin injections, which they have been exploring for more than five years.

“The human factor has been the key to success. It’s my way of thanking God for everything he’s given me. The idea is to provide a service, but also to promote altruistic work, so this laboratory functions as a collection center for three foundations in my country, Venezuela. I personally travel there to provide support, I take forward godsons that I have sponsored, and now that the pandemic began I am doing these free days of vitamins every Sunday. Success has been resounding and I thank the community and those who trust us,” concluded Jesús Gómez Linares.


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