Implement rigorous security measures at Miami airport amid pandemic

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Rigorous security measures are implemented at Miami airport amid the pandemic, according to data collected by Telemundo on Tuesday; some measures indicate to users  precheck of luggage.

It is allowed to pass the security check with a liquid disinfectant up to 12 ounces in the carry-on baggage, you must remove it from the bag and place it in a container for inspection.

Exit D of Miami International Airport looked quiet on Monday night. On the information screens, only the confirmation of arrival of some flights and gradually the departure of passengers.

During the long weekend before Labor Day, Miami International Airport received at least 103,000 passengers, 70% less than on the same date last year.

For Enrique Castellanos airport employee “there is quite a lot of social estating, everyone with a mask and the people here are constantly on top of that of taking care of themselves and protecting themselves all over the world.”

Due to sanitary measures implemented at airport facilities, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has suggested to passengers some recommendations during their stay.

New recommendations for travelers during their time at Miami Airport

SMART PACKAGING: Make sure you don’t store prohibited items before going through security.

MINIMUM WAIT TIMES: You can now arrive at the airport one to two hours before your flight departure time, as the inspection process takes less time.

KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCE: Pay attention to signs on the floor while waiting on the TSA line.

WEAR MASK: it is mandatory while in the control area; they may be asked to remove it momentarily to verify their identity.

PLACE POCKET ITEMS IN HAND BAGGAGE: cell phones, keys, lip balm, handkerchiefs and coins to reduce contact points.

FOOD: They must be packed in a clear plastic bag and placed in a container for inspection.

REDUCE PHYSICAL CONTACT: Have your printed or electronic boarding pass with you to place on ID readers and show them to the TSA agent for visual inspection.

WASH YOUR HANDS: Before and after going through the security checkpoints.

Security control is now allowed with a large liquid disinfectant up to 12 ounces in carry-on baggage. The disinfectant gel does have to be removed from the bag and placed in a container for inspection. Wet hand wipes may also be carried.

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