Phase 2 reopening: Miami to open more than 100 parks and allow other activities

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Florida Times
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From next Monday the city of Miami will open all its parks and let people enjoy more activities in those parks after months of closure, as part of the openings allowed by Phase 2.

Administrator Art Noriega will sign an emergency order approving the reopening of the city’s 148 parks, as the number of new COVID-19 cases has stabilized.

They will be open from Monday, September 28, according to details obtained by the Miami Herald prior to the announcement.

In May, the city only opened 27 parks for 12 hours a day. Dozens of small parks remained closed because of concerns that there would not be enough space to allow people to maintain an adequate social distance from each other to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. They will now open the rest of the parks during those same 12 hours (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Last Friday, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giménez, accompanied by Gov. Ron DeSantis, announced that Miami-Dade and Broward would enter phase 2 of reopening this week.

Phase 2 allows the opening of all state parks, public beaches, and enclosed entertainment spaces (at 75% of their capacity), according to the state’s reopening plan.

According to an internal city memorandum, Miami administrators still believe that programming for the elderly and disabled should remain virtual as a precaution.

“Participation in current programs is strong and provides a recreation output in a secure format“. Reads at the memo.

The phase 2 of reopening allows the bars to open and although Giménez had said he would not open bars or nightclubs before there was a vaccine, on Tuesday he said some bars could open soon.

Last week during an interview with WIOD radio station, Giménez said he wasn’t ready to open the bars until he had a coronavirus vaccine. He then repeated it during a virtual press conference on Wednesday, saying that neither bars nor nightclubs allowed social estating.

But on Monday, the mayor began teaching signs that he was changing his tone. During an interview on Radio Mambí, Giménez said the bars could open in “two, three, four weeks… it can be a month or two,” moving away from the idea that you’d have to wait for a vaccine.

During that same interview, he said an announcement about the new openings (which would include cinemas, theaters and bowling alleys) could arrive on Wednesday.

Phase 2 allow parks to reopen, but with restrictions

According to the details obtained by the Herald the details, the rules and restrictions will be as follows.

▪ Face masks or cutlery should be used at all times, unless you are exercising vigorously (jogging, running).

▪ visiting parks should restrict their activities and proximity to people in their own home, with limited and specific exceptions.

▪ Volleyball courts will be closed.

▪ Playgrounds and outdoor fitness courts will be closed.

▪ Recreation centers will be closed.

▪ Activities and programs in enclosed spaces will remain suspended.

▪ The use of water sources will be strictly prohibited.

▪ Bathrooms in the parks will be closed.

Group activities such as basketball games, birthday parties and barbecues will continue to be prohibited.

In addition, two-person tennis games and certain organized activities will be allowed only if the organizer receives a permit from the city.

During Tuesday’s virtual meeting, Giménez also said that in conversations with Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, both members of the White House’s work table for coronavirus, doctors told him that at best, the vaccine would arrive at the end of the year, and would be distributed enough to make a difference in the second or third quarter of 2021.

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