Poverty rate fell in the United States to historic lows

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The United States achieved the lowest poverty rate in 2019 since they were published by the Census Bureau in 1959, that federal office said in a statement. Although inequality persists, African American and Hispanic communities benefited from economic growth, according to the institution.

In 2019 the poverty rate in the United States was 10.5%.

“Historically low poverty rates between blacks and Hispanics in 2019 reflect improvements for those groups, which have traditionally been at a disadvantage compared to other groups for a long time”

The Census Bureau said.

For African American communities, the poverty rate was 18.8% in 2019, the lowest rate since it accounted for that factor in 1959. The previous minimum of this group was 20.8%, in 2018, the Office said.

“The poverty rate in 2019 was also the lowest ever observed among Hispanics (15.7%), compared to the previous low of 17.6% in 2018. Poverty statistics among Hispanics date back to 1972,” he added.

However, the Census Bureau notes that African Americans and Hispanics are overrepresented in the poverty-poor population when compared to what they represent compared to the country’s general population.

“In 2019 blacks accounted for 13.2% of the total population in the United States, but 23.8% of the poor. That same year, Hispanics were 18.7% of the total population, but 28.1% of the population in poverty,” the Census Bureau said.

The entity added that there has been a gradual decline in poverty between blacks and Hispanics.

“In 2019, the average household income in black households was $45,438, compared to $56,113 in Hispanic households, $76,057 in non-Hispanic white households, and $98,174 in Asian households,” he explained.

With the arrival and spread of coronavirus, unemployment figures in 2020 soared. An estimated 14.8 million people in the United States are receiving unemployment assistance, according to federal government data.

Although sectors such as real estate remain very active, travel, entertainment and services spending remains anemic.

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