Teddy transforms into powerful Category 4 hurricane with winds of 140 miles per hour

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Teddy transformed this Thursday into a powerful Category 4 hurricane with sustained maximum winds of 140 miles per hour (220 km/h) in the Atlantic. It may continue to strengthen and the storm surges it will cause would affect the east coast of the United States.

Teddy a destructive prognosis

The hurricane is the second, after Laura, to reach that category of the Saffir-Simpson intensity scale of a maximum of 5 so far from the cyclone season in the Atlantic of 2020.

“Additional strengthening is possible overnight (Thursday). Fluctures are expected in its intensity on Friday and Saturday. Then it will start to weaken over the weekend,” the National Hurricane Center (NHC) predicted.

The tides generated by Teddy were reaching the Lesser Antilles and the northeastern coast of South America. They will extend to the Bahamas, Bermuda and the east coast of the United States over the weekend, according to the NHC.

These storm surges are likely to cause hangovers and sea current conditions that are dangerous to people.

Teddy was 575 miles northeast of the Lesser Antilles and according to NHC forecasts would hit the Bermuda archipelago next week.


A tropical wave in the southwest Gulf of Mexico is better organized and possibly transforms into a tropical storm that would be called Wilfred, thus depleting the list of names for the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season and meteorologists will have to resort to the Greek alphabet.

Wilfred would be Tropical Storm 21 and the next would be called Alpha, which already happened in the deadly 2005 hurricane season that had 28 systems, setting a record in the Atlantic, according to CNH data.

In 2005 meteorologists designated four additional storms such as Alpha, Gamma, Delta and Zeta, and two of these were transformed into Beta and Epsilon hurricanes.

The World Meteorology Organization‘s naming system uses lists of names of women and men, one name for each letter of the alphabet not including q, u, x, y, z because there are not enough names for those letters.

Each of the name lists is assigned to each season and if a storm or hurricane is destructive, such as Katrina and Maria, its name is removed and replaced with another that begins with that same letter.

There are still two and a half months left of the current season that has been predicted “extremely active” and the formation of 25 tropical storms of which 11 could be transformed into hurricanes was predicted and of these, six could reach the highest categories with winds of more than 119 miles per hour.

So far 20 storms and eight hurricanes have formed and one of them, Laura, made landfall in Louisiana as category 4 last August. Teddy is already the second-highest-grade cyclone reaching 3 on Thursday.

Meteorologists said the tropical wave in the Gulf of Mexico is better organized this Thursday “and if this recent development trend continues, a tropical depression or tropical storm could form later today.”

The tropical system has a 90% chance of forming.


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