The turbulent story of Kendo Kaponi, the boricua rapper who triumphs after getting out of jail

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Kendo Kaponi is the new name for Latin urban music and his return to the industry has been going from strength to strength since he was released from prison this year, where he served a sentence for assault and theft in the United States.

The rapper began from an early age a life of alcohol, drugs, excesses and violence. At the age of 13 he served his first sentence in prison and it was precisely in the prison where he began composing.

After his last conviction, Kendo was released earlier this year. In the months he’s been out of jail, he’s already released his hit singles Resistance and No Friends’ Loves.

He has collaborated on the songs Before and After, along with Anuel AA, Yandel and Ango Flow; P FKN R with Bad Bunny and Archangel, and just a few days ago Don Don premiered, also with Anuel and with the dagess’ own Big Boss, Daddy Yankee.

Here’s everything you need to know about Kendo Kaponi:

What’s Kendo Kaponi’s real name?
José Fernando Rivera Morales.

How old is him?
He’s 36 years old.

Where was he born?
Kendo was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, on August 19, 1984.

What musical genre does Kendo Kaponi unfold in?
He is primarily a hip-hop artist, mixed with latin trap, a fusion also known in Spanish as a rapper.

How was Kendo childhood?

Kendo suffered from very early on the disinterest and mistreatment of his parents. His father abandoned him and his mother had a strong addiction to intravenous heroin.

At the age of five, after the death of cancer, the grandmother who raised him was given up for adoption. During his childhood he lived in more than 60 foster homes in the Department of the Family in Puerto Rico.

He escaped from many of these houses, sometimes because he was mistreated and sometimes in the hope of finding his mother and re-hosting him.

At the age of 8, she managed to find her mother in a mall she frequented and told her everything she was suffering in foster care. She told him not to worry, slept him, and called the people who had him to take him back.

“I remember I started looking at her and said, ‘Everything I told you, really, and you’re giving me back?’ I understood I couldn’t count on my mom. It was my turn, when I was 8, 9 years old, the choice of the street,” he said in an interview.

Kendo developed an explosive and rebellious temperament for his parents’ lack of attention and love. He also failed to finish school and learned to read and write as an adult.


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At the age of 13, he served his first prison sentence for a drug-related case, violation of the Arms Act, attempted murder and restriction of freedom.

He was sentenced to six years in prison. During this time he began composing and, after leaving at the age of 19, began to take his first steps in music, with the help of Cosculluela, who hired him as producer and composer of his record label Rottweilas Inc.

A few months after leaving prison, he noticed that his mother had died, a victim of HIV.

When did you get out of jail?

In January 2020 Kendo was released from prison after his last conviction. On January 25 he reopened his social media and then appeared by surprise at a Farruko concert in Miami.

“Excuse me for beting me the way I acted when you were expecting angry things from me,” Kendo said at the concert, and promised that this year I would work hard on music.

Why was he arrested?

On April 9, 2018, Kendo Kaponi was arrested in Coamo, Puerto Rico, after months of searching. The artist had been charged in the city of Winter Haven for allegedly beating up a man in Florida and stealing his wallet, and had escaped to his homeland.

Puerto Rico police joined the search and the rapper was arrested during the early morning.

In an interview after his departure from prison, Kendo explained that he had gone mad with anger and assaulted the man because he knew he was mistreating his son, whom he had threatened not to say anything to him.

“I don’t think any dad in Puerto Rico has a tolerance of being given to a child. I don’t think it was the right way, but I ask to be understood from the moment I went blind, because I came under a pattern of mistreatment of my childhood, which was strong.”

“Now I become a dad and realize that your son was going through this, that he was going through this in my face, and they were hiding it from me. How is that going to happen to my boy if I’m here?” he confessed.

How long did he stay in prison?

He served a two-year sentence in a Florida jail.


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What other problems have him had with justice?

In 2016, Kendo Kaponi was arrested while driving a car without having finished the transfer efforts. In January of the following year, he was again arrested on a contempt order issued by the Bayamón Court for not paying a food pension to one of his children.

How many children does Kendo Kaponi have?

Kendo has two known children: Kidea Gasel and Cheniel Kaponi. However, in 2015 he gave positive a paternity test that the rapper had asked for after a woman with which he had a fleeting encounter told him that his daughter was the result of that relationship.

Also, in a letter his brother sent to the judge for parole, he says Kendo has six children who are financially dependent on him, but more details about his other descendants are unknown.

What songs has Kendo Kaponi written?

In addition to the ones he has released this year, Kendo wrote his album Kendo Kaponi Edition, which includes the tracks “Pa allá and pa aca” with Farruko and Criminal with Cosculluela.

In addition, he has written many songs for other urban artists, some of which have received Billboard Latino Awards and Premio Lo Nuestro, including Quítame el dolor, written for Wisin & Yandel; and is the author of the reggaeton hymn Felina.


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